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Anonymous 26th August 2007 09:55 PM

written by Dimio
I would like to keep Win2k support! :D

Anonymous 29th August 2007 05:41 AM

written by Chocolate Muffin Fadger
I need to get prodject 64 for windows 2000

Anonymous 31st August 2007 06:23 PM

written by Jerry
I'm in favor of making it open-source. I'd like to see support for Windows 2000, and if it's open-source, someone can make a fork. I think we should push the developers to re-license under the GNU GPL. Who's with me?

Anonymous 8th September 2007 06:44 PM

written by KnyteOwl
This one's for 'Delta Dreamer'

Never ONCE did I diss Win9x operating systems in any way. As a collector of rare PC console ports which often demand older, discontinued operating systems to run, I simply pointed out what should be a couple of few obvious things:

1: I collect rare PC console ports which often demand Win9x operating systems to run, and even being in this tiny niche group, WinXP fulfills even MY needs as the ONLY remaining WinXP incompatible title I have and haven't been able to find a compatibiltiy fix for is Sonic R.

2: The inclusion of these operating systems bogs down development time because it demands testing on a wider variety of operating systems.

3: The Win9x userbase is shrinking by the day--even now, it's userbase has gotten so small that only an increasingly small niche group of people who like me who collect rare PC console ports which there are no XP fixes available for still use it--and even then, not as a primary OS in most instances.

4: Older versions of PJ64 remain readily available, and work fine with the exception of minor glitches in a handful of titles.

If that's your idea of "flaming" Win9x users, you are WAY too trigger happy pal. I used Win98SE for a long time after WinXP launched (even to the point of being mocked by peers), and have absolutely nothing against it, or anyone who continues to use it. But dude--seriously--XP is faster. XP is more stable. XP supports more devices. XP is more compatible with modern hardware. XP is more feature-rich, and user friendly. And XP has even been combed down to the point that there are user-created compatibility fixes available for all but the ABSOLUTE rarest of PC console ports. And as before, my own experience with Vista, as well as my friends reports, and even the word of a tech who WORKS ON COMPUTERS FOR A LIVING reflects nothing but headaches and regrets after "upgrading" to it. And that's not a diss either--it's simply saying that Vista is having some teething pains that need to be ironed out before people begin to flock to it. Sorry, but based on these things, I stand by my assertion that WinXP Pro is the best Windows to date. That's my OPINION, I presented it respectfully, and am not shoving it down anyone's throats, and I'm entitled to it.

And in response to your "tracism" characterization (trash facism=tracism), my beliefs which you know nothing about since you don't know me are the POLAR OPPOSITE of facism, and I always have been, and will continue to always be respectful when I post on forums. You're waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of line pal--you're the one resorting to name calling, and attacking people for respectfully expressing a valid opinion--not me. Now who's the "tracist"? Maybe you'd better go do some soul searching before responding to that one . . . .

Anonymous 10th September 2007 08:44 PM

written by Josh
I'm going to cast my vote for Linux also. There are more Kubuntu/Ubuntu users than Vista users. Hell, the ONLY reason anybody uses Vista is because it was installed on their PC by the manufacturer and they don't know any better. Dell forced M$ to offer XP on new machines since all the customers who needed/wanted Windows and knew what they were doing didn't want Vista either. Linux won't be a waste of time as desktop Linux only continues to grow. Since Mupen64 exists and uses the same plugin system as Project64, I don't know why its so hard to port.

This is my analysis of XP. Every install I spent 1 hour installing and 2 hours removing all the extra crap, turning off services I didn't need, dealing with the endless patches and updates, and then the WGA crap. Meanwhile Linux was getting better and better. Finally I got tired of M$'s beta quality OSes and switched over to Linux full time. I still have a Windows partition with an old version of XP and nearly the ONLY thing I use it for is Project 64. The dev team should switch to Linux support immediately and ignore Vista. Leave in support for Win 9x since in many ways those OSes worked better than anything today.

Anonymous 12th September 2007 02:04 PM

written by Bruce
Windows sucks and there really should be a Linux version. Re-licensing under an open-source license such as GPL is the best solution to this dilemma. If Project64 was open source, people could create Linux and BSD forks (or maintain compatibility with obsolete versions of Windows).

Anonymous 23rd September 2007 05:08 PM

written by nmn
At least try to support wine or something.

I ain't gonna restart to run PJ64... I'm actually trying to find the source to nineteen64 0.9.9 at this moment, but i'm certain they hadn't released it before it got abandoned. So, I'd actually be willing to go through disassembly to get some pointers, get the old source code, and update it, Then go through porting just to get a good n64 emulator on Linux. Now, I know my message means nothing, But has anyone searched for the word Linux on this page? Theres a lot of occurances...

The demand for a good n64 emulator running on Linux is crazy. Please... Help us. I know you don't want people to discuss it and its not gonna happen, but for Christs sake I'm going crazy over this... (Goes back to WINE and disassembly)

Anonymous 23rd September 2007 05:28 PM

written by nmn
Oh, BTW, I'm aware of the fact that WINE runs the Project64 core great but the graphics are my concern. I use Rice anyways (Kirby64 works on it... I was helping my brother get it running, ask him why XD... BTW, for that game, the only perfect combo I know of: Interpreter CPU on 1964 with Rice Video 6.1.0c) so i can run OpenGL mode wonderfully, but Jabo's Video plug in is really nice for most things, and the GUI erases to black in every 3D frame on all plug ins... Sure, I can figure that one out eventually myself, but still. Sometimes there are small issues other than that, but i make custom Wine builds so i can throw in a few patches for myself...

Anonymous 25th September 2007 04:10 PM

written by Larry
Mupen64 is still being developed. There hasn't been an update on the news page, but I contacted the developers awhile ago, and they're still working on it. nmn, maybe you could join the dev team?

Anonymous 30th September 2007 12:35 PM

written by nmn
I'd love to, but I'm afraid I'm pretty sure I could never get into the team... They wouldn't acccept me, most likely, either since my primary OS is Linux, or because I'm not very big on optimizations, Or I'm just plain not a good enough programmer. I guess I'll ask, but I'm really new at joining projects - I usually work alone, and I wouldn't give too many actual benefiting changes to the emulator, mostly port work. In the meantime, My work on porting 1964 has risen, but parts of the code are confusing, very non-standards-compliant, and there isn't much motive to port an older version for me... Oh well. And Mupen64 - its decent... But it still has a long way to go, unlike 1964 or Project 64. It won't run properly on my 64-bit PC (Though with software video i got a nice little randomly colored vertical line in the center of the screen for a second or two after booting Kirby64, the only ROM on this PC, and I'm too lazy to transfer any other ROMs in my possession from my old computer), and I'm yet to test it on my 32-bit one. The point is, if i could even get into the PJ64 team, I'd definitely be willing to help port this thing over, and if 1964 were better written(It seriously misses the mark with standards compliance, not counting the easy-to-port windows.h references, but thats not to say its BADLY written), I'd probably already have ported it over (I've ported half GUI and stubbed the other half, ported half of the processor emulator, the plug-ins system, but it won't all compile yet, and I'm sure some of it is already badly ported because it was a quick one)

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