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MochaMoa 8th October 2018 06:40 PM

Nothing in the menus is staying ticked or selected
I've been playing on the PJ64 for the past week, on a daily basis (in my spare time) but only when I booted it up today was there an issue. I couldnt select cheats, change settings, change options, or anything. When I'd try to change them, they'd simply clear themselves as soon as I clicked Apply or exited the window. I've tried shutting it down and opening it back up again, but the problem persist. How can I fix this?

Freedbot 9th October 2018 02:34 AM

check task manager to see if there's another project64 process hung in the background (or just restart your computer). Did you move project64 to a write protected folder so it can't save it's own settings? Some programs have this issue if you move them to Program Files. You can also right click the program/shortcut and run as administrator and see if that helps.

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