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apiecanfly 24th September 2014 11:48 PM

Problem dumping textures
I recently got Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.0 in order to get textures from Turok 2. I tested it out on Donkey Kong 64 and succeeded (in creating almost 10,000 different textures). However when I tried to go over and dump textures from Turok 2, nothing happened. Occasionally many of the textures would switch with other ones (a byproduct of the video plugin I assume), but no textures are dumped to the folder.

The only difference between my two attempts is that when dumping textures from Donkey Kong 64, I created a folder called DONKEY KONG 64 in the texture_dumps folder. Whereas with Turok 2, I can't create a file called "Turok 2: Seeds of Ev" because of the presence of the colon, yet this is what it is called in Project 64 1.6.

Anyone have a similar problem or a fix to mine?

Frank74 6th October 2014 06:39 PM

Its a semi-colon not a colon.

You can create a directory named "Turok 2; Seeds of Ev"

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