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tyui 29th October 2008 09:14 PM

Castlevania Legacy of Darkness crashes
hello i've been playing Castlevania: LoD using project 64 and i was going through the game well and unlocking all the characters without using the unlock cheat. Cornell and Henry worked well but for some reason Carrie crashes the game when i use her magic attack and it hits an enemy. i've tryed the character modifyer, weapon modifyer, level modifyer, and inter-level modifyer. i don't know what those do but they haven't helped. anyone know how to fix this problem? oh yea and are there crashes with reidenheart? i haven't tryed to play as him yet.

HatCat 29th October 2008 11:34 PM

Have played through both CV games with Reinhardt

Carrie I also played through but not as many times, but I've never had consistent crashes. What's the exact error you get when it crashes again?

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