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zilmar 11th February 2006 07:17 PM

What do you want in Project64 ?
We are considering new features that people would want in pj64 which are not in 1.6
So far the different ideas we have are these.
  • High texture replacement
  • Net play
  • Quick switching mempacks
  • Configuring short cut keys
  • 7zip support
  • Cheat Creation tools
  • Transfer pak for pokemon stadium
  • Save selected plugin per game
  • Backup instant saves
  • Better widescreen support
What things would you love in pj64 but we have never done? Got an idea then post your idea to this thread on project64 forum

Anonymous 25th January 2007 02:01 PM

written by hammad
could adapt project 64 to play gamecube roms

Anonymous 27th January 2007 04:24 AM

written by poloroby
I want tou see donky kong on project's a fun gam

Anonymous 6th February 2007 09:57 AM

written by andino1152
Is the Transfer Pak capability only for Pokemon Stadium? Cause i would like to see it support Mario Golf and Mario Tennis so i can transfer characters and levels.

Anonymous 30th March 2007 09:16 PM

written by GuyWhoLikespj64
how about a microphone plugin for HYP?

Anonymous 31st March 2007 04:00 PM

written by charkol
LAN and NET play. my whole web design class plays your emulator once we are done with our work. it would be awesome to play super smash bros. or mario kart 64 over the internet with each other. maybe even some goldeneye.

Anonymous 12th April 2007 01:14 AM

written by Ash20019
I would appreciate if you would fix the problems in Nightmare Creatures. Please and thank you!

Anonymous 19th April 2007 12:53 PM

written by emucoder
Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this

I have started a project on n64 roms in the format of : .n64, v64, z64 and so on

What I am trying is to disable the save functions on all roms that have the ability to save.

When I say disable I mean completely disable it as if it was never coded to save

I am not sure if there is a utility to do this already available if there is please let me know where I can get it.

If there isn’t then can you give me the Hex address for the save ability I am sure that all the n64 roms that have the ability to save have this address located in the same place.

Hope you lot can point me towards the right direction

Anonymous 22nd April 2007 04:02 AM

written by all the Pokemon games
because i am a big fan of pokemon shows and games :) ;) ;D :D

Anonymous 29th April 2007 01:50 PM

written by Finnish Enthusiast
-Keyboard and mouse system for first person shooters!
-Multi-display support for multiplayer (everyone can paly on their own display, no more split screens)!!

And if you have any time left...
-G25 wheel support.
-XBOX360 controller support.
-Support all games and their special effects.
-Make games run faster with less bugs.
-Track-ir support
-X-Fi support
-DualCore support to run multiple PJ64:s at the same time.

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