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xoorath 26th August 2018 06:20 PM

N64 dev friendly feature request

I'm getting into N64 development and I'm using PJ64 as my emulator. I have a few suggestions.

For context my current workflow is this:
- Close PJ64 entirely
- Compile rom
- Startup PJ64 drop rom into window

I've sped this up with a script:
- Script watches for project.n64
- Script sees a change, kills PJ64 process
- Script copies project.n64 over to running.n64
- Script starts PJ64 with running.n64

This was working for a while, but for reasons I wont get into, I have to move to running PJ64 on the system I'm building from which is windowsxp, and scripting options are more limited to ancient versions of the scripting I like. Preferably I'd like PJ64 to just not hold the file open and detect changes.

Prefered workflow
- Drag rom onto PJ64
- PJ64 either loads the rom entirely into memory and closes the file, or copies it to a temporary directory and uses that file.

This alone would fix my workflow! Would be even nicer if we can also have:
- PJ64 watches to see if the open rom file changed. If so, prompt user "this rom just changed! re-load?"

Extra extra bonus feature:
- PJ64 has a command line parameter that skips that prompt and just re-loads any time the rom file changes.

If we did all of those suggestions, I could just re-compile my rom and be off to the races! I'd settle for a little manual work though, it's just a bit tedious at the moment. Either way, PJ64 has been tremendously helpful, thanks a lot.

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