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GamersDecision 21st April 2019 03:35 PM

Keyboard Shortcuts not working on Prjoect64 2.3.2
I ran into this bug that I couldn't use any keyboard shortcuts to do things in the newest Project64 version 2.3.2 (I hope that's the newest version). Like pressing Alt Enter doesn't make it fullscreen or f4 doesn't speed up the game. I also noticed that the keyboard shortcut buttons are visible in the above toolbar in my older Project64 version in which the keyboard shortcuts do work. I've been trying to fix this for way too long but I just can't find a way.
I tried to add a picture in this but I can't make it work because adding urls is not possible before 5 posts bruh.
Sorry if you can't understand the tool bar. It's in finnish language.

AdamR 26th August 2019 03:45 PM

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I had this too since 2.3, tried an update to 2.4 today with the same problem.

After restoring all default keyboard shortcuts they appear like the following, which I don't believe for a minute is intended:

Attachment 1758

Looks like file "Config/Project64.sc3" is responsible for keyboard shortcut mappings. -- They were all much better after the following:
  1. Close PJ-64
  2. Delete (or rename) "Config/Project64.sc3"
  3. Start PJ-64
  4. Reset keyboard shortcuts
  5. Restart PJ-64 again

My keyboard shortcuts now look like this:

Attachment 1759

Hope that helps.

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