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1337 29th November 2010 06:17 PM

Unusual error
I recently reinstalled 1.6 on my laptop.

At first everything was going all great until this started to pop up:

I click on pj64 icon, get this, click ok, click ok for it again, and everything runs normal.

This has also happened one time when I tried to modify controller options.

Any ideas guys?

HatCat 29th November 2010 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by D41145H4CK (Post 17494)

wtf is this redundant bs.

sorry had to do a squall quote :D

May be some other process corrupted MSVCR100.DLL. Is that file in your Windows system directory or where Project64's installed?

1337 30th November 2010 12:14 AM

It's in system32 folder.......

don't know what could've corrupted it....

HatCat 30th November 2010 12:21 AM

It's one of those Microsoft Visual C runtime libraries or some such thing.

Maybe try re-installing it?

squall_leonhart 30th November 2010 12:50 AM

you cannot download the VC runtime and expect it to work, it must be installed with the Redists.

that message is due to nrage 2.2 though.

HatCat 30th November 2010 01:25 AM

lol I was going to say in the post, "It's more accurate to install it through a collective redistribution installation like one of the links squall would fetch, but I'm an asshole and I'm too lazy to look for one now."

Duh though, that's right.
How could I forget?

When I downloaded NRage 2.2, I'd get the could not find XINPUT1_3.DLL error message 3 times in a row on program start up, controller plugin config, while a game is frekkin' initialization, etc.. That's why I downloaded just that particular file to shut it the hell up, which got 2.2 beta to initialize for me, though I should still install the redist sometime.

squall_leonhart 30th November 2010 06:31 AM

yeah, the vc files are different though, the recent versions won't work unless all their required dependences are in the same folder with them.

HatCat 30th November 2010 06:42 AM

Ah got it; I'm sure I've seen that functionality before. I get deja vu with like almost absolutely everything though I guess, but it seems they were wise to set their recent revisions with that property so as to ensure that installation is done normally.

Experiment #150 30th November 2010 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by D41145H4CK (Post 17494)
I recently reinstalled 1.6 on my laptop.

At first everything was going all great until this started to pop up:


I should have recognized that. 'Twas very similar to my problem of olden days. Sorry :rolleyes:

HatCat 30th November 2010 09:41 PM

I still think that error message is redundant bs.

It's like, "Error to find error," or, "could not initialize function: no return on invalid parameter," (huh maybe the invalid parameter function has an invalid parameter :confused:) somehow it's just worded so stupidly.

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