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Freak5 1st October 2017 02:34 PM

Recommended N64 Style Controllers
Statement before: I like the original N64 controller and I didn't like the GameCube as much. I think it was harder for me to do very slight and precise movement. The spring force mechanically encouraged binary input - Nothing or more than 50%.

as my original N64 controllers already wore out back in 2002 and the old games tend to look terrible, if resized badly on LCD Screens, I would like to switch to emulation without having to get used to different controllers.

I searched the internet a lot. What I found out that apparently there is a lot of wrong or at least controversal and not backed up information. Some really like specific controllers, but it is obvious that their 3D sticks lack a lot of precision and seem to be worse than used 20 year old original controllers.
In this video a guy compares an wireless 8bitdo controller, which is claimed to be good although having an horrible deadzone.
The other "Classics" controller seems to be not that bad (only terrible, not horrible). Does someone know where to buy it (is it aviable in Germany?) and which company produces it?

The Retrolink controller seems to be widespread and people say it doesn't have a deadzone (some say it has and it is horrible). Considering the people playing Mariokart always go full tilt, I guess it had a big deadzone, so I wouldn't like to try it without a trustworthy person confirming the quality.

I would really look forward playing some 4 Player Egoshooters or Mariokart again.

Edit: Is the "Retro Power Classics" a rebranded Retrolink controller? In opposite to the 8bitdo controller it seems like 25% compared to 50% of deadzone.

Edit: Finally bought the Retrolink Controller. Didn't really use it yet, but when calibrating using Win7 it looked, as if everything is working fine. At least I can use the 3D stick to position this little cross everywhere but the corners (which is correct, I assume).
Small input registers and the cross does not seem to jump. So I guess the "deadzone" people talk about is a software problem? I can't say, if there is lag, but on the first glance, I guess it works better than old original controllers and new originals died out, I guess.

Lylat1an 17th October 2017 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by Freak5 (Post 72210)
my original N64 controllers already wore out back in 2002

If you still have the controllers, replacement joysticks are available online and they're easy to install.

Frank74 17th October 2017 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by Fennecat (Post 72488)
If you still have the controllers, replacement joysticks are available online and they're easy to install.

They're rubbish though, compared to the original. The original had more precise circular movement. The replacement sticks are no comparison to the original controllers.

The 'idea' that things get better is false. It gets worse. For profit reasons. And planned obsolescence, which makes sure it will break just pass the warranty period, 'tis why they test lifetime of components so carefully. It's against 'state' law to make something that will last. Heaven forbid we can have a lightbulb that will last a 100 years. It was done 100 years ago, but we're not allowed it. Hence the planned obsolescence laws to make sure production can carry on.

Lylat1an 20th October 2017 06:10 PM

Well, before using a N64 to USB adapter, I used a special Xbox 360 pad made by Hori called the EX2 Turbo.

It has a second set of L and R buttons next to Y and B, making it perfect for emulating the C-buttons and the triggers are Z and R.

Sadly, I think only the first production run was compatible with Microsoft's '360 Controller for Windows' driver, so it's kind of a crapshoot to find a compatible one these days and they aren't cheap.

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