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Greatsage 17th June 2019 11:05 PM

Input plugin breaks Project 64
Project 64 crashes whenever I try to
*Change to another input plugin
*Try to alter my control scheme
*initializing for a game

I have tried all sorts of different methods of trying to fix it, there is no point in downloading more input plugins if I can't change it. I tried to also use different game roms being Majoras mask, Oot, Sm64 and all of them had the same issue. the program crashes without even opening the game mind you, it crashed during Plugin Initialization.

I am at a loss and desperately need help.

RPGMaster 30th June 2019 06:44 PM

If all else fails, you could change plugins by editing the config file, before running Project64. What is the exact plugin and version of the plugin, that is causing the crash? What version of project64 are you using?

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