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baconator5 19th February 2013 07:53 AM

Fixing the multiple GFX card problem
For those of us who have a laptop with both an on-board gpu and a dedicated gpu, using the dedicated one becomes a problem. Nothing fixes this problem short of Disabling the integrated gpu, which is a hassle and can even cause the laptop to not work. I use Nvidia Opitmus to choose what GFX card every program uses, but regardless of what I set PJ64 (1.6) to, it always uses my crappy integrated, rather than my nice nvidia card. So PJ64 (1.7) should detect and be allowed to use a GPU besides the integrated one. Also if anybody knows how to fix this on 1.6, please feel free to share, much thanks. :)

squall_leonhart 19th February 2013 08:16 AM

project64 shouldn't detect anything

graphic init is handled by the video plugin, which won't be having any further development done to it.

Create a profile in the nvidia control panel with use high performance gpu set
You need recent drivers for this to actually work (since some old as shit drivers ignored the profile for dx8 games)

baconator5 19th February 2013 08:45 AM

I have already tried using the nvidia control as you have, but still PJ64 still uses a different gpu.
Also because you said it was the video plugin, do you know of a different plugin that you think will fix my problem. I have tried Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6 and Rice Video Build 6.1.4 but still haven't yielded a fix to my problem.

squall_leonhart 19th February 2013 08:59 AM

no plugin will help, the nvidia gpu is not exposed to the application without the profile being configured appropriately to do so.

im not talking about the right click context menu, i mean actually create a application specific profile in the nvidia control panel.

baconator5 19th February 2013 06:32 PM

Yes, I have tried both the right click, and making a profile for the application.

I guess I'll just have to deal with it. Thanks

squall_leonhart 20th February 2013 01:34 AM

What driver are you using?

it DOES work in atleast Release 290+

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