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buttermilk 21st September 2013 05:21 PM

Delta Toolbar?
Question: Why is there a reported malware toolbar bundled with the basic setup of pj64? Seems like a bit of cheeky advertising in the description of the downloader. Had to turn off my anti-virus just to dl pj64; understandable for a lone exe, but lo! it actually has malware attached. Wtf?

Harlandoo 24th September 2013 03:17 PM

But seriously.

Why is this a thing that p64 is seemingly ok with?

Why are y'all bundling adware/malware with it?

the_randomizer 24th September 2013 04:07 PM

It's all about the Benjamins.

dsx_ 24th September 2013 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by Harlandoo (Post 50245)

not all of us, just zilmar.

HatCat 24th September 2013 05:08 PM

Yeah what do you think this place looks like, GNU FOSS or something?
Only has one moderator anyway (IMO that's all that's needed and I mostly prefer it that way, but still, just sayin')

Couldn't be a huge dev team's idea to ad adware to the installer? :eek:

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