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ujairqfn 14th December 2013 05:58 AM

Project 64 hires textures won't work
I've been trying for hours to get Project 64 to work with the hires textures for Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Everything, I mean everything, was working 100% perfect until yesterday when I had to reinstall Windows on my pc. I saved the project 64 program folder and pasted it into the "Program Files (#86)". At first the textures were working for Ocarina of Time but were blurry in full screen. Now they aren't working at all. I've reinstalled Project 64 1.6 and the 1.6.1 plugin patch several times now and every time I try to use the Glide64 plugin to load Ocarina of Time's hires texture pack, Project 64 crashes. But the worst thing, is the hours I've spent trying to get Project 64 to recognize the RiceVideo plugin. Every single time I press on the settings menu, I receive a message saying that ricevideo.dll and RiceVideo6.1.3DX9.dll fail to load every single time. No matter what I do, they won't work. What happened? I was playing Majora's Mask just 2 days ago perfectly. I have placed the BMGlib.dll, Msvcp71.dll and Msvcr71.dll files in the Project 64 main folder. I can't take this anymore, I've been trying for hours non-stop nothings working. I also have installed DirectX 9. What more does this thing want?

Marcelo_20xx 14th December 2013 04:39 PM

Try again with Glide64 as is the best plugin for Hi-Res (and all around N64 video emulation) support. The installation is pretty simple, just copy Glide64.dll, Glide64.ini, GlideHQ.dll to your plugin folder and Glide3x.dll (the wrapper) to your Project64.exe location.

Then configure the plugin and be sure to enable "Hi-resolution textures: Rice Format" under the "Texture enhancements" tab. And this is another reason why you would want to backup your Project64 related registry entries before reinstalling your system, that way you don't need to deal with this again...

ujairqfn 18th December 2013 05:37 AM

I got glide64 to work
perfectly. But now my issue is with the Rice Plugin. I don't know how to get it to work and every single time I go to the settings under graphics I get an error message telling me that it failed to load the Rice Plugin. I really need help getting the Rice Plugin to work.

Marcelo_20xx 18th December 2013 06:19 AM

May I ask why you need to use Rice video plugin? as far as I know its only advantage over Glide64 Final is when dumping textures from games

ujairqfn 25th December 2013 11:43 AM

You know what, I just
found out what the cause was to why settings would give me the error message for the Rice Plugin. Apparently I needed to download and install this Directx 9

I agree though, Glide64 is better but there are some textures that require Rice Plugin. Now that I have Direct X 9 installed, I have 2 Rice Plugins: Mudlord's Rice Video Build 6.1.3 -DX9 and Mudlord's Rice Video Build 6.1.4 and I no longer receive the error message that says it could not load rice plugin.

But I'm having another issue though, and keep in mind all of this is regarding the Glide64 Plugin. When I load the hires textures for Ocarina of Time, save states no longer work right at all. I save my progress in a save state, than I turn off Project 64 to come back to it later, I load my save sate and it loads a state from a long time ago. I've been saving the normal way lately, but it wasn't like this before. Could it be because of these settings I placed when I right clicked the Project64 icon, than I went to properties, than compatibility, than I placed a check mark in "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3)", I place a check mark in "Disable visual themes", a check mark in "Disable Desktop Composition", a check mark in "Disable display scaling in High DPI settings", and finally a check mark in "Run this program as an administrator". And the reason why I did this was because for the most part, it kept the game from crashing when I loaded the hi-resolution textures and allowed me to play in full screen. But, I'm not able to use save states properly. After troubleshooting on my own, I decided to remove the check mark from all except "Disable display scaling in High DPI settings". The problem persists, though it crashes much less now that everything else has been unchecked, it still crashes on some parts though. I still don't know how to load hi-res textures, play in full screen, and be able to make save states that actually work all at the same time. And the sad thing is I was doing all of this just a few weeks ago. Thank you for your help so far by the way, I appreciate it.

Marcelo_20xx 25th December 2013 07:01 PM

Cant help you there, I am using Project64 2.1 with Glide64 Final video plugin and everything runs smooths with no crashes at all under windows 7 or windows XP. You said things were working fine until you reinstalled your PC? or did you got crashes before the reinstalling? if so maybe its a bad configuration for the game, Zelda is notorious for requiring a very thigh configuration (uncheck: Fast SP, Advanced Block Linking, Cache, TLB unmapping, Protect Memory in the recompiler settings)

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