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CalebSmash64 8th September 2014 09:53 PM

The ability to play N64DD games
Even though the ROMs are hard to find, but you find one but how will you play it on your computer?

Think about it, you find a game that you really want to play but you don't have a Japanese N64, a working disk drive, and/or any games for it, the next version could have the potential to play N64DD games.

My thought on having it in the list like this example:

Example N64 Game: <Game Name> <Game Region> (N64)
Example N64DD Game: <Game Name> <Game Region> (N64DD)

You can however contain a BIOS file when the user installs it so the game can load, but if the user wants to skip the BIOS and play the game without that Mario and the N64 logo thing pops up.

If the user wants the BIOS to run too, the BIOS's time and date will be set to the user's computer's time and date.

Expansion Packs will have an option as well to first select the EP ROM and then select the game's ROM that uses the EP.

Options Root:

Enable Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Games: Options\Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Options\Enable Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Games <checkmark box>

BIOS skip: Options\Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Options\Skip BIOS <checkmark box>

Direct Expansion Pack Installation: Options\Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Options\<"Install Expansion Packs Directly" button>

What do you think of this idea?

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