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Brownjor10 22nd December 2017 01:02 AM

Donate Button Alterations.
Idk whose idea it was to add a pop-up menu that has a timer delay before allowing you to hit the continue button without donating, but you're being very stingy...

This is a freeware and open software, and while donations are always expected to be welcome, they shouldn't EVER being expected to be given. You know what you are getting yourself into when you work on projects like this, and you should know better. It's a small suggested donation, yes, but the way this is handled currently is shockingly rude and (as much as I may sound like a brat right now) borderline offensive.

You seem to be misunderstanding the very concept of what it is to make programs and to work in an open software scenario when you do things like this. Yes, I COULD donate, and maybe not have to see the pop-up ever again (or at least until someone gets a stick up their ass and decides to raise the suggested donation to $10 or more), but that really isn't the point.

The point is... you have no right to make money off this software to begin with (given the nature of THIS project, specifically), and while I LOVE the software, and want to see more things like this, to put a 15 or 20 second delay before you can continue and access said "freeware" is essentially the exact same thing as programs like spotify who show ads for 20 seconds before playing your song in the hope that they will pressure or annoy you in to donating once just to not have to wait anymore to start your game.

While I understand your desire to personally benefit from your contributions to the community as a whole, this isn't a fair approach, as it is inherently manipulative, and a marketing scheme, and therefore should be un-welcomed within ANY open source software.

By the way, despite my constant whining, I'm going to go rock some puzzle league, since your ad timed out now. Bruno keeps kicking my ass on Very Hard. :/

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