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Fillerthefreak 25th December 2015 02:55 AM

DK64 Possible Model tearing issue fix (Not Perfect)
Hello everyone! I'm kinda new-ish to here, so I dunno if I'm posting this here correctly.

Rather recently, I posted and found a hackish way to dramatically decrease the "Model Tearing" issue DK64 has on the Banjo's Backback forums, I'm sharing this info here to see if any solutions can be found.


I did this via making the game lag to it's worst via Counter Factor, and then using the VI Refresh rate to speed the game up.

The reason why this works is because DK64 tries to speed things up when lagging. But for some reason, increasing the VI rate doesn't affect DK64's "anti lag" feature.

Due to this, DK64 is trying to be as "anti-laggy" as possible. And this for some reason, had a dramatic decrease in Model tearing.

Here's a screencap of the confiq I used.

I dunno if using a different Audio plugin to sync the audio, or if not using the PJ 1.6 RSP changes any issues, though.

Even then, there's still 2 major issues that this fix has:

-The timers in minigames, or any timer based event go really, really fast. Since DK64 is trying to counter-act non-existent lag. This issue only seems to happen with countdown timers, from what I've seen when I played through to the 2nd Boss.

-Same issues apply for the Intro Story. Oddly, other cutscenes work fine. Heck, Even the DK Rap is synced up pretty well.

The only reasonable idea I have is to change the multipliers used to counter-act the lag with timers and the intro story via a patch or a GS code, but even then, I don't think this is possible.

Also, I'm using PJ64 version if anyone is wondering.

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