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Frank74 1st July 2017 01:39 AM


Originally Posted by NUK3 TH3 WHAL35 (Post 70760)

It's an old Jabo plugin that's straightforward and to the point with drop down boxes to set what controller controls what player.

Just download it and place it in the input folder inside the plugin folder in the emu's directory.

I already posted that plugin in page 1:

No joy, pardon the pun...

It seems to be a problem with the ps4 drivers (ds4/scp) with more than one controller.

NUK3 TH3 WHAL35 1st July 2017 02:57 AM

Multiple PS4 Controllers

That's usually a plugin that proves fruitful for most. I usually can troubleshoot controller issues users report, but I no longer have a Dualshock 4. I imagine that a solution has to lie within configuring from with DS4Windows or SCPServer, but anyhoo...

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