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bugsy520 27th December 2010 05:56 PM

PS3 Six-Axis Controller issue (w/Win32 driver installed)
Hey guys, got a little issue here. I downloaded Project 64 and everything works great, and I followed the steps on how to download the driver in order to use your PS3 six axis controller for it and that worked too. That was yesterday. Today, I plugged in my controller and instead of all the red lights blinking, only player one blinked for a little while, then it just stayed an idle red, as if I were charging it on my PS3 system. I ignored it, loaded the controller initiator, and it still stayed an idle red. Still ignoring it, I went to play Conker's and the controller just doesn't work. Tried for my Psx emulator and it doesn't work there either. Help please? :(

1337 27th December 2010 06:13 PM

Is it a wired controller or wireless?

bugsy520 27th December 2010 06:18 PM

It's wireless

1337 27th December 2010 06:32 PM

Unless you have a bluetooth adapter plugged up, the only way to use "PS3/360" controllers is by using the wired ones.

bugsy520 27th December 2010 07:00 PM

I see. Can you recommend me a good one?

1337 27th December 2010 07:38 PM

I use the Gamestop madkatz wired 360 controller and it work perfectly.....

bugsy520 27th December 2010 07:45 PM

Sweet, my problem's been solved :) I don't need to download a driver for it do I? Or does windows automatically find it?

1337 27th December 2010 07:52 PM

As long as you're using xp/vista/7 with a wired controller, it should automatically download the driver for it.

natnatertatertot's gonna hate me for saying this, but use n-rage for your controller plugin as it is the best one to use with gamepads.

Experiment #150 28th December 2010 01:47 AM


The apprentice has overcome the master...

Hold up you ain't mah apprentice!

*grabs broom

shoo! shoo!

1337 28th December 2010 01:53 AM

*start half running with hands over head

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