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MoewLP 29th March 2017 02:08 PM

big problem by Super Mario 64
I need help! quickly!

I played the gema Super Mario 64 with this emulator but i have one problem...
I am making a lets play in my german channel on youtube and i would complete the game to 100% but... i found a mission in world 9 (Dire, Dire Docks) its named "Pole-jumping for red coins"

The problem of this mission is: you cannot complete this mission because by the red coins there are missing some flying plattform which you help to collect all the red coins, without it it is not possible to complete the mission, please check that out and fixed it so fast as you can, by the way it is also impossible to collect the 100-coin-star, because you only can reach 67 coins (I had tested ist)... I need really help because my lets play has to go on...


P.S. my english isnt the best but i hope you understand me

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