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JonnyAlpha 8th August 2019 03:48 PM

Game Controllers - Configuring
OK so I installed Project64 several years ago and every so often I fire it up and have a go, usually when the kids are around.

What I am struggling with is configuring controllers.

I have a Logitech RumblePadII and a PiHut USB Game Controller.

The Logitech RumblePad is sort of working but I messed it up trying to figure out how to do a "Stomp" in Super Mario 64. You need to "Jump" and on the way down do a "Crouch". Problem was no button was configured to do a crouch so I reconfigured the controller. Now I can either have "Crouch" but no "Jump" or "Jump and no "Crouch".

The USB GamePad is recognised and it allows me to try and configure the buttons using Controller Plugin but although the buttons are recognised they do not seem to be recognised when playing either Super Mario 64, they do work with Mario Kart 64 but not in 2 player.

Is there a decent guide to setting up and saving controllers and which are the best Plugins?

ExtremeDude2 12th August 2019 12:05 PM

Does the same thing happen when you configure different buttons as Z/A?
Did you check the "Plugged In" box for your second controller?
Post your controller settings.

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