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Hazz 28th February 2016 01:24 AM

Project 64 1.6 = 100%
hi gentlemen....i have been working for a couple of months to make every single n64 rom playable on project 64....and after working and trying...i found that Project 64 1.6 can run every single game without a problem and if there is any issue it can be simply solved by changing the settings like (Force Alpha Blending etc...) now i have more than 200 n64 rom working 100% on Project 64 1.6
using 3 plugins only..

Jabo's Direct 3D8 1.6 --------- Those plugins are capable of running
================= --------- every n64 rom 100% on project 64 1.6
Jabo's Direct 3D6 1.5.2 --------- -----------------------------------------
================= --------- I dont know if am allowed to post a link
Glide64 Napalm 1.22 --------- here for RDB am new here :)
================= ---------
2 games only are not playable (Vigilante 8) and (Supercross 2000)
these 2 games drove me insane but am very happy now :)

Hazz 28th February 2016 04:12 AM

Supercross 2000
Well it appears that (Supercross 2000) is working on Project 64 2.1.0 with glide64 plugin. but u have to turn off music in game to avoide that glitchy noise,
however the game runs at full speed with sound and crowd..but without music.

Hazz 28th February 2016 04:45 AM

ohh ok...i just downloaded the latest Project64 version which it 2.2..and now finally (Supercross 2000) works fine with music and commentary.

Tasoulis 14th March 2016 01:50 PM

What about those Factor 5 and BOSS games:

Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Battle for Naboo
Indiana Jones
World Rally Championship
Stunt Racer 64
Top Gear Rally (with music)

As far as i know, you need a combination of different plugins than those you have, to play these games (they work for me on with other graphics and RSP plugins).

Also, i think there is no way to make the music work correctly in Top Gear Rally, whatever you do.

danthemainman 12th August 2016 07:32 AM

Hi Hazz...
Just read your post saying all n64 roms work on version 1.6 of project 64. I have been trying a few settings adjustments for Rogue Squadron and I just can't get it to work...
Any (specific) suggestions? Thanks in advance.

dsx_ 12th August 2016 11:01 AM

lol thread

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