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Jabo 12th March 2007 12:40 PM

Texture Pack support retrospective -- Part I
During the years of development for 1.6, Gent and by proxy others, had suggested supporting the capability of loading external content to spice up the emulation. It’s no secret I’m always short on time and patience for features -- the story finished with 1.6 not having this feature. As it turns out this was probably good as it gave me more time to fully understand things. External content sort of fell into two categories -- the textures themselves, as well as the actual geometry the game was rendering.
In this first part we’ll start by exploring how the texture dumping functionality works. Below you’ll see a screenshot for the ‘Advanced’ tab in the 1.7 graphics configuration dialog – notice the option that is checked for dumping textures. When this is checked as textures are loaded during play they will dumped, as 32-bit PNG files, as illustrated below for Super Mario 64. Directory of C:\PJ64\textures-save\Super Mario 64 (U)

03/10/2007 09:18 PM 607 10F7B0922846C9D92C40C964090AD2B1.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 363 11D4903001A11106838E2B89F0BE9A7E.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 408 13045FB1954F0BE92ACAE49B37E89BBA.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 292 1AC3EA0D9736AEF0C359D3D9BDABD034.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 217 39DD097B42DC1960BFF31BB3DD5CA19B.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 321 4F130AFC0D5D396897DFC78685FE6999.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 328 6371374CFAA316D45208DEDBF5C1D9BC.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 298 6C17ED6DE8245D810124F7D4D5AA29A1.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 2,394 8D24C7FB8733864F2988B5F529536C6C.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 839 91A7821BEFBAEE37E6650B85BA19B02C.png
03/10/2007 09:18 PM 310 9D3739BDED4F87C84E06D94422B33760.png

In the next part of this retrospective I’ll talk about what exactly makes a bunch of textures a ‘pack’, texture compression, and how this all translates to users being able to select which pack they want to use for a particular game. Maybe a game screenshot or two -- who knows!

RottNKorpse 13th March 2007 04:41 AM

thats great
I cant wait to see the rest of this...but just so you know the image doesnt work.

HatCat 16th March 2007 10:55 AM

I would just like to say something about Jabo's video plugin's succession over Rice's video when it comes to dumping textures. Just a list of advantages:

1. The PNG compression formatting is stronger. Even when I resave the image in Paint Shop Pro, the file size boosts up by a couple kilobytes from the original file size when dumped by Jabo's, which is around 3.5 KB smaller than the same textures dumped by Rice's, for faster archive compression, decompression and downloading for sending the textures.
2. Easier renaming. If you wanted to load textures for the European country version of the same game, which had an internal ROM name different than that of the U.S. version, you'd have to rename all of the texture files loaded in Rice's. With Jabo's, all you have to do is rename the folder.
3. Faster texture loading than Rice's. Faster, as in, from 3 to even 20 times as fast.

Anonymous 17th March 2007 05:33 PM

written by Need
Need support for image preview for game!!

Anonymous 24th March 2007 07:35 PM

written by christian
How do you put the graphics?

Smiff_ 24th March 2007 11:07 PM

thanks Iconoclast for that feedback.. i wasn't even aware of most of that.. but then i don't use anyone else's plugins than jabo's ;)

yes, that is a software renderer control you see there - perhaps jabo will talk about that later - i know he's working on that feature more currently aswell. It is mainly for debugging so users should not get too exited.

i think jabo's pack system is quiet neat aswell, but again he wants to talk about that later.
what we are really lacking is the huge artists' effort in making textures.. i know this will come mainly after the next public release, but until then, jabo is doing a great job setting all this up. and we have a few talented members who are giving a taste of what can be done with this feature (more please!)

if you are a member needing any help please ask on the private forum. i am not sure what you are asking, but we do not need to give out too much detail publicaly at this stage and with things still changing.

Jabo 25th March 2007 04:51 AM

Thanks for the feedback everyone, personally this is one of my favorite features implementation wise, it's just very tight, part 2 is going to be even more fun to do, that's where all the goodies are.

Anonymous 29th March 2007 03:02 PM

written by Emulex
How is texture dumping .png images, going to improve PJ64 emulation? Dump images then what? Have PJ64 incorporate the textures from a pack into gameplay? Unclear about the schematics of texture dumping and improving the game. For me at least, I prefer my games to be rendered in real time from the Core, (like PJ does now), and enjoy my computer overheating. The external content is sorta like cheating for me. What if u could take the ROM, emulate it, and on top of emulating it, proceive methods that would make its emulation better than the actual system? For me this stands out, as in Playstation emulation, ePSXE, does this, by offering add-ons that improve the emulation, aside from emulating it normally. Then again, as in all changes, maybe texture dumping is a boon for N64 emulation, u dont really know until the change takes a place. I mean it seems like PJ64 does everything for emulating the game, to almost perfect, but it seems like now we are aiming for just that, perfection. But i think it would be amazing (I KNOW EMULATION IS DIFFICULT >:( AND FRUSTRATING :-\), if the add-ons could also supersede the emulation of the PJ64 Core. Like accurate timings, or adjustable timings for general use on any computer spec's. I mean i have a lot of complex ideas for ya. I know in some N64 games, there is the problem of objects being drawn to closely to the screen, or the object being drawn within the viewing point, so that u are in the "object", so to speak, but I heard this is resolved in DirectX 10? I heard DX10 has a lot of improvements, and perhaps PJ64 could benefit. Jabo's DX8 1.6 graphic plugin is great, make no mistake, but i guess since it seems like we are aiming for perfection, u have to look beyond. (Like u guys are already doing :-*) So i guess im still unclear bout texture dumping, maybe Part 2 will resolve. I Contact Jabo or Smiff, or Zilmar, i may have something useful....

Anonymous 7th July 2007 11:42 AM

written by pumba
hello i jus download super smash bros but i only see a filetype of v64 when i click on it say use a program to open with i mean what software do i need to run the game on my window xp

Anonymous 20th July 2007 08:49 AM

written by sonny
:( im stuck on how 2 get more games how do i do it ???

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