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HatCat 6th June 2011 10:05 PM

There were two blocks like that if I remember right, where they were sensitive to other directions where they were pushed around the maze and didn't budge forward.

However he said that he had this issue with all blocks in the Water Temple as well as in the Shadow Temple after applying inventory cheats.

daaceking 7th June 2011 12:06 AM

cheating in OoT doesn't turn out well. the cheats are best left alone. :)

HatCat 7th June 2011 12:42 AM

Yeah well said. :D Either that or have a memory backup from before where you cheated.

Some cheats are pretty stable though. Some of them are hella under-optimized.

daaceking 7th June 2011 12:54 AM

if you get stuck, just use a walkthrough. i did that with the water temple twice. two stupid mistakes.

In the centre part, i should have looked down after raising the water. right into the basement. i thought the game devs would NEVER put a small key down there. :eek:

again, behind the longshot. nothing there. WRONG! :eek:


HatCat 7th June 2011 12:59 AM


Originally Posted by daaceking (Post 30962)
In the centre part, i should have looked down after raising the water. right into the basement. i thought the game devs would NEVER put a small key down there. :eek:

lmao that's what pissed me off the last time I played OOT recently

Like, the first file, key A takes me days to find in the Water Temple,

the second time I play, key B gets me running around in circles,

the third time, it's that basement thing you just mentioned

I hate that temple so bad. Forest Temple was badass and easy compared to that shit (then again, even without comparison imo :))

daaceking 7th June 2011 01:03 AM

i don't think it is too bad after you have an idea that you need a longshot from the current temple. you just keep a mental note of the places you've completed, can't complete (longshot) and locked by key. the main thing, look at everything with absolute focus!

for somebody that hasn't played before, it will be a pain! :)

edit: i found it much easier than i remember, except for them two things. i'm gonna get the boss key and kick some butt tomorrow! :D

HatCat 7th June 2011 01:08 AM

The first time I got all the keys without that much trouble. It's like the more I played it, the more I concentrated too much focus on the frustration at my seeming to have done everything in the temple I could access, yet some of the narrowest thoughts would turn out to be all that's needed.

oh unless maybe you might have happened to be talking about the Forest Temple, which I never had problems with, boss fight was more fun than the others

Also the map works, though I'd end up encircling where I've already been anyway. :D

daaceking 7th June 2011 01:25 AM

i thought the forest temple boss was actually ganondorf the first time i played it. i was young and phantom wasn't in my vocabulary. :) he was an easy boss. However, this time i constantly got beaten up because i shot at the wrong picture. had to load it so many times. :o

the first time i played it, got the three stones, got the sword. i thought that was the end. plenty of gameplay and was fun. the end, but then! A stranger comes up to you and starts saying mountains, lakes forests etc. I was like WOW!

Nowadays, games are so short.

HatCat 7th June 2011 02:02 AM

Heh I never thought much about maybe if it was Ganondorf. I do remember once you defeat Phantom Ganon or w/e that it said something like, "You have defeated only my phantom," or something like that, then stuff about try not being a whimpy bitch and fight the real me next time or something. Still could have been anyone in either case I suppose. :D

The pictures thing was kind of agitating, because there was no way of knowing until you watched both pictures until the very last second. Then he just flies across the room repeatedly shooting an attack that never hits you :eek: ! (That's if you're on the edge.) did sort of adopt a storyline of surprising you of when it's the end. Most games just split apart and made it all too obvious it seems I guess.

daaceking 7th June 2011 02:07 AM

it's a good game. nintendo and rare both did good. :)

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