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ShadowMainZERO 8th June 2009 06:18 AM

Error Code 1324
Every time I try to install this I always get that code. It says, "path to My Pictures has an invalid character."

How do I fix this?

CA5 8th June 2009 06:40 PM

This some sort of joke or something?

If not I'm presuming it's exactly what it says - an invalid character somewhere in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Example\My Documents\My Pictures

I think at least.

ShadowMainZERO 8th June 2009 10:58 PM

No, it isn't a joke. If you want me to I can post a pic. I don't even HAVE a My Pictures folder.

squall_leonhart 9th June 2009 12:55 AM

everyone has a my pictures folder -_-

ShadowMainZERO 10th June 2009 06:34 AM

Nope. I deleted it because it didn't have anything in it.

squall_leonhart 11th June 2009 02:23 AM

And this is why stupid people shouldn't use computers.

TheShizknitt725 11th June 2009 07:40 PM

I'm having the same issue! I'm slightly tech savvy, I swear. I didn't do anything to my pictures and it's giving me the same crap. Every other emulator I've downloaded never gave me a single issue...

My boyfriend is a computer nerd and he's not even sure what it means...

Any help? please?

Topken 11th June 2009 09:00 PM

you have any odd characters in your account name?

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