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DontShootTheThrall 15th July 2016 11:40 AM

Having Major Majoras Mask LAG ISSUES
I have been dealing with this major bullshit all damn day, why the hell does it have to be so annoying and so tedious just to start another playthrough of Majora's Mask?

Everytime I start playing the damn game, it lags periodically, It would stay at 58 - 60 FPS, then it would just suddenly dip into 30 fps, 40 fps, and it Is the most annoying thing. I have spent nine hours straight trying to figure out how to play this game without lag, play with texture packs like the nicholas cage one without lag, but to no avail. I'm about ready to just give up. Please, help me.

I've tried different methods, different emulators, because I know my computer can run these games, I ran OOT with high res and detailed textures just fine, Mario 64 ran like a dream, and now, nine hours of my life, no joke, was now sucked away because of this goddamn lag problem. Please help.

I apologize in advance for cussing in this post, but man, Its been so long, and I still haven't gotten Majoras Mask to run smoothly without those interruptions, especially with texture packs.
2.16 GhZ
4.00 GB RAM
Intel Celron(R)
Intel (R) HD Graphics

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