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IkaMusumeFan06 12th October 2016 04:39 PM

64 de Hakken Tamagotchi, Minna de Tamagotchi World begins freeze!
Well, I didn't understand the gameplay of Tamagotchi World 64 in my first time of playing, because, The 2D sprites are glitchy and incorrects using Graphics HLE. So, I installed the lastest version of Project 64 2.3, and I noticed the ROM note for making a solution for the sprites to be visible. The Note says: "[HLE] Incorrect Sprites", So, I unmarked on "Graphics HLE" box, and I using the Graphics LLE with Jabo Direct3D8.dll plugin. And the sprites is working correctly, but a little slowly the frameskip.

In some times playing Tamagotchi World 64, the Tamagotchi Toy token for Board Game sprite, lands over Fridgetchi spot. Fridgetchi appears, and has a glitchy problem for not giving a bowl of rice to a tamagotchi, only Fridgetchi opens his beak and closes so fast, and the game is beginning freeze!

Notable Examples:

I captured the screenshots if you can see it.

Someone help me to correct this freezing glitch.

HatCat 12th October 2016 05:15 PM

HLE would probably work fine if you check "Software rendering" in the advanced settings for Jabo_Direct3D8.dll.

As for the freezing you can either try changing the game settings in the RDB file or test to see if it freezes with HLE enabled as well.

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