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Rethkir 31st May 2018 11:09 PM

Rapid fire not working with XInput in N-Rage plugin
I am using Project 64 V2.3.2.202 for Windows and N-Rage plugin V2.5.2.202 that came installed. I play using a PS4 Dualshock 4 controller with DS4Windows which makes my PC think it's an Xbox 360 controller. I like to check the "XInput" option in N-Rage, as that allows the Rumble Pak to work, which will not happend when XInput is not selected.

Now, this input configuration works just fine, except that I want to create a modifier button for rapid fire. When XInput is selected, the rapid fire does not work in gameplay; when XInput is turnned off, it works just fine. The result is the same no matter if my modifier button is on the controller or the keyboard.

So, what this comes down to is that I can have rumble OR rapid fire, but not both, which is a real bummer. Can this modifier problem be fixed?

P.S. - I tried finding out how to get support for N-Rage, but when I went to "About" in the "Plugins" window in settings, the link provided goes nowhere, and I could not find his website online, or even a link to the most recent version of the plugin, which is why I'm posting this here.

squall_leonhart 1st June 2018 06:04 AM

nrage is abandoned.

Rethkir 1st June 2018 09:52 PM

Can you explain what happened? N-Rage is the only input plugin that comes installed with the current version of PJ64 2.3.2. Its discontinuation is news to me, so some enlightenment would be appreciated. So, what's the plan going forward?

squall_leonhart 2nd June 2018 11:03 AM

rapid deity never returned to continue work on it.

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