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Puppies 25th February 2011 01:33 PM

Extract Models and Textures ?
Hello good people !
I'm a cg artist, making a bit of modding for fun, and playing old good N64 games of my adolescence. I'm happy that PJ64 is still beeing developed and thankfull for your work.

I use Lemmy's plug-in to extract models and textures. I want to extract Extreme G2 models and i know this plug-in particulary fails on this rom.
I tried with direct x ripper but it doesn't extract the model (if you have an idea...), i think it's because it doesn't support correctly directx 8 though it's meant to do it.

Most of the time, the uv data of the output model are wrong, though it displays correctly in the emulator. I know N64 textures have special attributes (tiling, clamp, flip...) and also, are not necesseraly in power of 2. That maybe causes issues but no matter how i turn my uv, or the texture, it still doesn't look good (and i'm not a 3d noob)
I could scale the uv manually, but it would be a lot of work, and not very accurate.

This is quiet frustrating because it does display correctly so i know my graphic card has the good informations :p

So, do you plan to release some tools for the modder community ? A lemmy's plug-in update to extract game data nice and clean ?

Cheers !

HatCat 25th February 2011 10:53 PM

Better to ask this at the newer Nemu64 message board at EmuTalk than to do so here. Don't know why it didn't work with a particular game or if it did and just not with exceptional data, but none of us have modified any code for Nemu64 or its plug-ins.

Puppies 27th February 2011 12:53 AM

erm well, nemu 64 and lemmy's plug-in developement stopped in 2004 or so. Their forum is dead.
With lemmy's plug in, theres already awful texturing error in the emulator, si not surprising there are errors in the model extracted.

So, my "suggestion" would be to have a tool usable for the modder or pepkura or whatever community, pj64 native, to extract models easily and nicely.

HatCat 27th February 2011 07:08 PM

Their forum isn't dead, just the main developers don't actively check it.

This isn't the Nemu64 development forum, so this wasn't the place to ask. A forum believed to be dead is better than an irrelevant one.

As for your other question, I don't think Jabo is going to include the option native to the plug-in. Most authors don't because the model design etc. is all part of copyrighted games, which angers a lot of companies. Don't know why specifically Jabo hasn't looked at it.

Puppies 5th March 2011 12:34 PM

Yes yes, but i didn't ask why lemmy's plug-in isn't working properly, i asked if a similar option, with jabo plug-in i guess, could be implemented, as it looks more solid (and as i doubt lemmy will touch his code). Seeing the success of lemmy's plug-in, i think it could interest people.
But there you answer there could be issues with copyright stuff, which i understand.
So, thank you :)

HatCat 6th March 2011 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by Puppies (Post 25327)
A lemmy's plug-in update to extract game data nice and clean ?

That is the business of those with development access to Nemu64, hence my original point.

I never said you asked why it wasn't working properly, but you are asking a completely different question now.

Yes as I mentioned much of the reason Jabo hasn't addressed this is controversy through the subject of copyright laws.

The question quoted here is not appropriate for Project64 development to address.

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