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zilmar 26th November 2008 08:10 AM

Where should saves go?
When we started Project64 the operating system generally used was Windows98. We designed Project64 so that it would work in a self contained folder. We still use this design now; everything works from that one directory without needing an install. This also works great if you want to put the emulator onto a memory stick and run it from there...
With the current design of Windows (2000, XP, Vista onwards) being for multiple users and security around which users can modify files, this design of PJ64 does cause some problems. One of the problems is that limited users are not allowed to modify files in the Program Files directory. And if one user modifies settings, then this affects other users on the same system that also use this program.
Vista gets around this issues by virtual mapping writes to the program files directory, to the user directory.
So where should saves, settings, etc be stored in PJ64 v1.7 - user directory, application directory? Should we determine by the location of the .exe? Should it work differently on different OS's etc... ?? Your thoughts please.

HatCat 26th November 2008 08:35 AM

What's the point of complicating it?

If you installed Project64 you may not necessarily have full control over the subject, but can you think of reasons why someone is damned to using a limited account on their own PC? A kid and his Russian father got nothing to do with this--it's a matter of permission then.

There are other possibilities, but I'm convinced the vast majority don't need to worry about this 'issue' for a reason. Naturally complex software expects admin credentials but to make an exception with something gaming-related?

[lexx] 26th November 2008 02:14 PM

There should be an option in preferences for setting this explicitly.

The app should check if there's settings.ini in the same dir, if not - check for in current user's 'application data' folder. The rest of settings/saves should be in that dir. If there isn't one, use defaults.

Also there's a good practice to check if you have a write permission to the settings/saves every time you start the app. If not, copy all read-only data to 'application data' and work with it separately with no further access to original files.

Smiff_ 26th November 2008 02:31 PM

[just seeing if i can correct a typo on news page by editing the post in the forum, or if its copied to the forum database so both need edits]
ok they are separate so i've cleaned up some grammar/typos on the news page now zilmar

i won't state my opinions on this until more people have had a chance to post theirs..

Mystery 26th November 2008 08:38 PM

The saves section should be an easy shortcut whereby it then pauses the game and prompts you for saved game name (automatically filling it in with the game title for those who just want to add extra in the end, or those who don't care what to call it). The default saved games location should be in the "Game Saves" folder, separating it from the other saved files...


Game Saves
Image Capture Saves
Controller Configurations
(They dont necessarily need those names)

LazerTag 26th November 2008 09:21 PM

Though I used to be quite against it I must say I really enjoy applications and games that retain settings and files in the "My Documents" folder in Windows.

I switched some time back to partitioning my system with an OS partition and then apps/games/emu. As such I generally make sure to backup my OS partition since it takes the longest to get everything back in order from disaster. And of course having it all right there already makes it that much easier. While I don't backup the main programs anymore as reinstalling a game or app is nothing if you have the documents, saves, or settings already.

So I would vote to make it the "My Documents" location with a "My Project64" folder and default named directory structure, a default named directory structure with the EXE, or finally give the user the ability to change it where they would like manually.

Mystery 26th November 2008 09:42 PM

We have to think mostly about both windows xp and vista, perhaps crowning the whole project in its own little virtual machine can fix the user security issue with window xp?

shadowth 26th November 2008 11:41 PM

I think this could be easily fixed with quick question on the beggining of the installation.

Either ask if you want to install a standalone version (portable) to any directory of your choise (so people can run from usb drives and so on). This version could have a folder for settings/s states and so on.

Or, install the fixed windows version, with the option to install just for you (which would retain all saves and settings only for your username) or for everyone, which would then make all settings and saves shared.


legend 27th November 2008 12:24 AM

Please, please just keep it in the App's directory. I access this folder alot, and I don't want crap in My Docs or going searching for it elsewhere. I'd say, leave it alone. It works fine on Xp and I don't think the multiple user thing is that big of a problem.

HatCat 27th November 2008 12:24 AM

With the default setting of disabled

With that user-specific settings aren't stored in the registry I guess they have to go somewhere. Of course provided there is more than one user--unless they're all admin accounts--the situation isn't unique since that can be more of a guest situation, but everyone is different.

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