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FlamingOranges 9th February 2020 03:51 AM

Pro Controller Issues, What am I doing wrong?
Project64 won't take any of my controller inputs but I have tried everything. I have tried opening it through steam and tried many xinput converters yet nothing works, no inputs are recieved. I have x360ce in the folder with all settings set as well. Here are my settings: imgur. com/a/5vlWvk1 (I had to separate part of the link because I cannot post links, and the file was too large.)

ExtremeDude2 9th February 2020 01:59 PM

What controller are you using?

FlamingOranges 10th February 2020 02:23 AM

can't believe i forgot to mention that. Nintendo Switch pro controller, i tried both wired and wireless. I tried another USB controller and it didn't work either.

ExtremeDude2 10th February 2020 02:06 PM

Does the controller work with steam? Have you tried it without xinput?

FlamingOranges 13th February 2020 02:55 AM

Yes and Yes.

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