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magmarock64 4th June 2017 09:54 PM

Counter Factor 1 as default
Or to be more specific I'd like to see an easier way of setting it for all games. I understand why it isn't default, but in the rdb file most US games don't have a spot for it. So using find all "counter factor=2" replace with "counter factor=1" doesn't work. So this means right clicking on every games and manually setting it yourself if you want to use it. :O

Frank74 4th June 2017 11:29 PM

I've just had a fiddle with the settings to do this.

Extract this modified version to your Project64 directory. I named it Project64CF.exe so it doesn't overwrite your old one.

Open Project64\Config\Project64.cfg with a notepad and add CF=1 under the [default] section. This will make the default setting be Counter Factor=1.



I've only added default Counter Factor setting to be changed at the moment.
Edit: Just updated it, was a bug if CF wasn't in [default] section. Now it sets it to 2 if there is nothing there.

magmarock64 5th June 2017 04:19 AM

Thanks, but I think we should consider making CF=1 default in the new release. What are your thoughts?

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