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Frank74 15th December 2016 04:14 AM

Azimer Audio XA2 with settings saved
New dialog. Working volume control.

Sync audio settings are now remembered, and get saved to Project64\Config\AziCfg.bin.

Put the AziAudioXA2.dll into your Project64/Plugin/Audio folder.

Renamed plugin to 'Azimer's XA2 Audio v0.71'

Changed config file to bin, now remembers volume setting too. File size much smaller.

Next is new buffer size and output sample rate options.

Edit: Fixed volume not being set before opening config. Cleaned up dialog.


Frank74 16th December 2016 07:15 AM

Is there any interest in using the NoSoundDriver as a config option?

Games run amazingly smooth using the NoSoundDriver.

I've stripped out all the DirectSound stuff from main.cpp, removed all the related ifdefs, cleaned up SoundDriver and XAudio2SoundDriver. Removed all duplicate resetting of values. I know how to fix the crackling with FAT off. I don't know how to query Project64's settings from the plugin to see if FAT is on or off though. Thought about adding the project to the Project64 solution, it should be easier to integrate it with PJ64's settings then.

Now it's quite bare and simple, it's easier to start adding another backend. The NoSoundDriver being the easiest to add as an option.

I must upload the changes to my git branch of Azimer's.

HatCat 18th December 2016 03:19 AM

Yeah, careful if you send a pull request because last I heard Azimer wasn't finished restructuring the plugin's uses of the audio API classes.

I hardly managed to get the NoSound context to work on Linux. I forgot what his plans were exactly.

Frank74 19th December 2016 07:31 AM

Made some changes to the Sync settings.

There are 3 modes of sync. Audio Sync 1, Audio Sync 2 and Audio Sync 1+2.

Audio Sync methods:

Audio Sync 1 games:
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Tooie
Donkey Kong 64
Mario Party 2
Paper Mario
Perfect Dark (FAT on)
Super Mario 64
Super Smash Bros
Star Wars Episode I - Racer

Audio Sync 2 games:
Castlevania 1+2
Goemon's Great Adventure
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Majora's Mask
Mario Kart 64 (E) (FAT on)
Mario Party 1
Ocarina Of Time
Pokemon Stadium 2
Ridge Racer (FAT on)
Star Fox 64

Audio Sync 1+2 games:

Games that don't boot unless FAT is enabled:
Excite Bike 64
Resident Evil 2
Shadow Man
Turok 1
Turok 2
Turok 3
Rogue Squadron (E) (Audio Sync 2)
TWINE (Audio Sync 1)

Updated file:

Next thing to do is make the config save the settings per game.

daarky 29th December 2016 01:22 PM

The download link is broken. Can you please reupload the plugin.
Thank you.

Frank74 30th December 2016 03:48 PM

Dropbox have made the public folder private. Now all my links are broken, and I have to use the website to get an html link.

daarky 31st December 2016 09:35 AM

Thank you!

RPGMaster 31st December 2016 08:12 PM

do load states work?

Frank74 2nd January 2017 11:58 AM


Originally Posted by RPGMaster (Post 67412)
do load states work?

Yes, you can hammer F7 as fast as you can without a crash.


Dacrate = 0;

from RomOpen and RomClosed in main.cpp, fixed the crashes with savestates.

However, the XAudio driver needs a proper AI calculation for getreadstatus without FAT. I've added 3 different calculations for the retval (Sync Audio variations), but it's not accurate enough and needs more. Racing games like Ridge Racer, Monaco Grand Prix, are still crackling without FAT. Adding sync audio variations is a hack rather than a proper solution.

HatCat 4th January 2017 02:01 AM


Originally Posted by Frank74 (Post 67406)
Dropbox have made the public folder private. Now all my links are broken, and I have to use the website to get an html link.

It doesn't do that with me yet for some reason (may have played around with Public folder by accident) but they did announce that Public would become private or something like that, at least for most people.

Well in the absence of you could upload your DLL's on the Releases section of your repository.
Click "Create a new release",

or could also use forum attachments system on

or lol lrn2gh-pages and make github pages website already, and put the dll there

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