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ImageMagician 7th July 2017 10:15 PM

Pilot Wings 64 Crashes when level complete
I have a recurring issue with playing Pilot Wings 64. Every time I finish a level, I get a green box image on the left hand side with several colored boxes filled with either white or black. The sound is still going, but the game freezes and is unplayable. Attached is an image of the problem.

Frank74 7th July 2017 10:44 PM

Pilot Wings crash is caused by cheat fix in RDB (shadow fix). Cheat is enabled permanently for Jabo and Glide plugins.

You need to uncheck Use TLB and Advanced Block Linking when the cheat fix is used.

Either enable advanced mode, then right-click game in ROM browser, select edit game settings, or open Options > Settings after starting the game, then change settings and restart the ROM.

Or, you can leave the settings on defaults, and use GLideN64 graphics plugin.
Latest version here:
Extract the zilmar folder to Project64\Plugin\GFX.

ImageMagician 10th July 2017 07:49 PM

Perfect! That worked. Thanks!

the_randomizer 12th July 2017 04:19 PM

Personally, I think those ROM settings should be turned on for this game in the RDB by default.

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