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=X= Smasherx74 =X= 12th May 2018 02:50 AM

Nrage with SSB64: Can't upsmash, uptilting instead (without buffer)
With Nrage V2 (any version) on 2.X project64, In super smash brothers when playing on keyboard, I'm unable to upsmash / forward smash / down smash like I normally can on older Nrage versions and on 1.4 core.

Instead of upsmashing, often times it'll just tilt. Typically when using a keyboard if you want to tilt you need to buffer inputs. To consistently get a smash attack you have to be EXTREMELY precise with hitting the analog input slightly before the A input, with console, virtual console, and older Nrage / pj64 versions this isn't a problem. You can hit the two inputs at the same time and it'll execute a smash attack. Now if you hit those two inputs at same time, it produces a tilt. This means somehow the inputs are being buffered when hit at the same time.

IF anyone has any ideas how to solve this issue please let me know.

Edit: It appears by using a modifier to toggle my analog range to 200% I'm able to pretty much avoid this problem.

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