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DimensionPizza 3rd April 2018 05:26 AM

Mario Party 2 Platform Peril lag
For whatever reason, Mario Party 2 likes to lag on two minigames- Lights Out and Platform Peril. Lights Out runs fine until the darkness overlay hits, then I only get about 30-35fps. Platform Peril always lags, with frames bottoming out at 28 and spiking around 50. I don't understand the issue, since Platform Peril will run just fine on MP1.

I'm using all of the stock plugins that come with the emulator (Jabo's Direct3D8 1.7.0:57-ver5, Jabo's DirectSound, N-Rage, RSP

My computer sucks (AMD E1, 2GB of RAM). Obviously if I had a more powerful PC it would run better. I'm a high school student with no job so I don't see an upgrade in the near future.

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