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kaninchenspinne 21st June 2020 01:30 PM

project64 missing multi states?
hello there

i remember in the past version of prject64, i could create multiple save states of a game and then choose one from list. but after a long time coming back to project64, now i only see click "F5" to create state, and load with "F7". this was the quick-save-state option back then, but there was also a manual one where you could save multiple ones from the same game. was this feature removed? or do i need to activate it somewhere?

ExtremeDude2 22nd June 2020 11:42 AM

You can change the slots with the number keys. So pressing "1" then "f5" will make a different save from "2" then "f5", don't forget to change the slots back when loading. ALSO SAVESTATES ARE DANGEROUS, THEY CAN BREAK YOUR GAME AND IT WILL NOT BE FIXABLE.

kaninchenspinne 23rd June 2020 12:28 PM

Ah good to know, thanks. In the past, I think there was a list where you could manually select a Slot. Now it is changed to keybinding only, right? Is there a possibility to somehow get the old gui again, where a List is there to choose from, instead of keybindings only?

And yes, I am responsible for what happens with my game data. Thanks for the reminder.

ExtremeDude2 23rd June 2020 02:01 PM

System > Current Savestate

kaninchenspinne 23rd June 2020 11:23 PM

Okay, looks like I am stupid. I really have no idea why I did not see that. Somehow my brain was thinking that option was removed/went missing and skipped it, I dont know. Sorry for have taken your time with such a simple question. And thanks a lot for helping out clumsy users like me, nonetheless.

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