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Handeecapt 9th November 2016 12:03 PM

Having trouble connecting ps3 controller to p64
Hey guys, I've been watching every video I can and reading every forum post, and my problem seems to be that there is no longer a drop down menu to select my dual shock controller. Is it still possible to use one and how so? Thank you

Frank74 9th November 2016 11:29 PM

On Windows 8.1 or 10?

Install the DirectX9 Runtimes.

Restart after installing.

Handeecapt 10th November 2016 01:38 AM

I'm on Windows 10. I installed DX and restarted but nothings changed. My problem is that there is no drop down menu in project 64 that I can find under the configure controller plugin option to select my dual shock controller. According to the videos I've been watching the drop down menu should look like this: prntscr. com/d5c6dd . However my controller config menu looks like this: prntscr. com/d5c6lu . I've tried searching throughout the menu and settings but I've found nothing. Should I just get an earlier version of P64?
Thank you so much for your help :)

Handeecapt 10th November 2016 01:41 AM

I noticed my first screenshot got deleted, but it's a picture of an older version of p64 in the controller config menu, where there is a map of an n64 controller and button options. Above it is a drop down menu where I was supposed to select the dual shock controller

Frank74 10th November 2016 04:59 AM

First picture is Jabo's 1.7 Input plugin. Second is NRage the plugin supplied with current Project64.

You shouldn't need to select your device. Just click the buttons in the configure controller dialog (2nd pic), and then press the button on your controller. Once you've configured all the buttons, it should look something like this:

Click Save Profile and save it to the project64 folder. Click Save to remember your settings.

I'm using a PS2 controller.

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