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Con 21st May 2017 10:22 AM

Can I get surround sound from N64 games?
This question relates to both Project 64 and the tangible Nintendo 64.

I am buying a surround sound setup for my computer and are getting a surround sound setup for my TV, both of which will be 5.1 (with plans to upgrade from that).

I have read unclear answers online as to whether or not the N64 supports surround sound or what exactly a stereo to surround process will mean for an actual surround experience.

I use RGB SCART for my consoles which, when my parts arrive, will go through a high quality SCART switch (not a splitter) and get upscaled to 1080p60Hz HDMI, which will get upscaled on the HDR TV to 4K; I am not aware of any way the N64 could possibly output surround sound, but if it can, or if it's some kind of 'fake surround', what will it actually sound like in a surround setup?

Furthermore, with Project 64 it leaves more options for hacking and extracting more data from games and doing other things to enhance the playing experience; can surround sound work even better with an emulator and are there known hacks that can actually make surround sound work properly? By properly I mean if a sound source is behind the camera perspective, the back channels will play the sound.

Any information is greatly appreciated!

NUK3 TH3 WHAL35 22nd May 2017 01:13 AM

N64 Surround Sound

Real Hardware (N64):

N64 had games that had full Dolby surround sound support. A friend of mine had had his N64 setup in the living room using a Dolby ProLogic setup/receiver. I know some Star Wars games natively support it as well as the Zelda games and a few of the Rareware games.

Project 64:

I don't know about the emu's capabilities. Specific plugins for audio may very well play a factor, but when done right for the games that support it the surround sound on REAL hardware is genuine. Of the little I heard back then of the following, Rogue Squadron blew my mind and Ocarina of Time was just as impressive. I hate The Water Temple, but the surrounding ambience seemed like it would have made it pretty cool.

You may have already read into it, but HERE is a discussion on surround sound capabilities for N64 (they also mention The Water temple) that lead into setting up surround on PC that may help getting surround out of the emu.

Another link HERE has a list of surround sound capable games as well as further discussion on getting surround sound out of the system today.

Con 1st July 2017 10:27 AM

I've heard that stereo RCA jacks can be decoded by a receiver that is Pro-Logic compatible, but I'd rather use RGB SCART, though I think there's leads which are RGB SCART with Stereo RCA as an extra plug.

squall_leonhart said "the nintendo 64 DOES NOT support any advanced form of surround sound. It is pseudo stereo surround." so I just don't know what it's meant to sound like.

I don't currently have a surround sound setup so it's difficult to test at this juncture whether or not it actually works on Project64 as it is now with the Jabo plugin.

Wally123 20th July 2017 07:06 PM

Sorry for the NecroPost
Sorry for Necroposting, squall-lionheart is technically right and wrong at the same time.

The N64 hardware itself probably did not have DIGITAL surround sound capabilities in the console. It only acted as a pass-through. Dolby ProLogic and ProLogic II are utilized in both the software side, and receiver side in N64 games that use Surround Sound. The games that had Dolby Surround Sound on the n64 mostly ever used ProLogic II (PLII from now on). PLII is actually processed at the stereo receiver end and not in the N64 itself.

Developers (most notably Factor 5 and RareWare) could create surround sound while making the audio effect in their games come out of an N64 using only 2 stereo channels. This was done by carefully manipulating the frequency waves of certain music and sound effects so that the PLII algorithm in a stereo receiver could direct those signals to specific speakers in a surround sound setup. The "pseudo-surround sound" sqaul-lionheart (with respect he was wrong about how it works) was talking about was for games that did not have surround sound support. If the developers of a game did not intend the use of surround sound being used, a stereo receiver capable of PLII will simply guess where each signal goes...and it usually means that speech, and sound waves processed by the PLII algorithm, will typically be front-center speaker heavy while stereo effects sounds are sent through both front and rear/satellite speakers.

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