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Dracul 31st March 2015 02:54 AM

Getting PS3 joysticks to act normal?
I'm using MotionInJoy to get my PS3 controller to work on XP, and its the only one that I tried that actually worked. When I go an hot key the buttons on the PS3 controller in Project64, I can only assign the joysticks in the matter of the D-pad.

So, when I'm playing Jet Force Gemini, and trying to manually aim, my crosshairs go all over the place. I can't make natural movements with the joystick, and the crosshairs only move when I push the joystick all the way in that direction. When I release the slightest, it jumps back to mid screen.

In other words, I can only move my crosshairs in extreme up, down, left, and right and unable to aim freely.

Sorry if I'm not explaining this well....

Thank you.

Natch 31st March 2015 08:49 AM

I'll assume you're using the default input plugin. I suggest giving Nrage a try. It's always seemed to fix most of my issues with input.

And because I don't recall if it comes bundled with the emulator, here's a link.

Nrage is the plugin that I've found best supports Xbox 360 controllers; that paired with MotionInJoy's xbox360 emulator should get this up and working.

ExtremeDude2 31st March 2015 11:51 AM

wow nat u so old, it does come with the emulator now

also motioninjoy sux, don't use that. use scp

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