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Anonymous 16th July 2007 03:05 PM

written by gummymikaman
wow thanks for the codes. i have a question. when i want to add a cheat i right click and click add cheat. when i type the cheat code and the cheat name the add cheat button isn't highlighted and i can't add it. how do i fix this. p.s. this is super mario 64.

Anonymous 16th July 2007 08:24 PM

written by Evil_homer47
where can i download mario tennis 64 for project 64. everywhere i go it is esa protected

Anonymous 20th July 2007 11:27 PM

written by Acid_1
As it stands, and this will probably be deleted, go to, they are not (as of last time I was there, about a month ago) esa protected yet. But, if all else fails, BITORRENT!!!!

Anonymous 22nd July 2007 02:04 PM

written by leonardo
como se baixa o emulado Project64? :-\

Anonymous 26th July 2007 02:09 PM

written by Jayme
Seen as we have to wait months or years, can i request FMV support, so i can play Resident Evil 2 with the in game movies, and also is the illegible menu fixed in 1.6 because i cant remember which emulator i played it in but i had that problem and none of teh emulators released at the moment support FMVs, unless theres one i dont know about and feel free to tell me which if anyone knows.

Anonymous 3rd August 2007 12:24 PM

written by Kevin
When i downloaded project 64 1.7, there was no installer. Just the files. And now, i think that is a problem because when i put in full screen mode, half of the screen is cut off. Please help. Here is a link to the picture i took... '' Those are all of the files that came in it.

Anonymous 4th August 2007 07:08 AM

written by YuYu

Anonymous 9th August 2007 05:34 PM

written by ...
I downloaded project 64 v. 1.6 a while back. It's been working great and everything, but I was dissapointed to find that I can't add any cheats to the game. I was told to right click somewhere blank on the cheats screen, and an "add cheat" option would appear, so I can insert new codes. This hasn't worked for me, so can I have any help?

Anonymous 13th August 2007 05:11 AM

written by card
I'm currently using pj64 1.6 but I have a lot of problems with the sound. Sound is poppy in almost all games. Is this bug fixed in 1.7 ?

Anonymous 13th August 2007 05:16 AM

written by card
I'm using project64 1.6 but I have a lot of problems with the sound.
Sound is choppy in almost all games. Is this bug fixed in 1.7 ?

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