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Luingus 28th July 2019 08:28 PM

Im having trouble loading roms
So basically the other day I got a new windows computer and the moment I got my windows computer I downloaded Project 64. I didn't get roms on it until today and by the time I ran roms on the emulator they didn't run. I specifically got the message "error" and a big circle with an x through it. I would like to know what the problem is here so it can be resolved.
So I tried out loading the rom into a different version of project 64 and it just didnt work. this lead me to believe that it was a problem with the rom as opposed to the emulator so i got a new rom and it seems like i was right. problem solved.

vipplayer 9th September 2019 04:54 AM

Hello OP,

I am facing this same issue from past few days, tried launching different different roms but that is not helping me at all. That same error and a big circle with "X" like you pops up everytime I try to load any ROM.

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