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Titus03 3rd February 2019 07:08 PM

I'd like to request widescreen GameShark codes for:

1080 Snowboarding (E) (M4)
The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask (E) (M4)
Wave Race 64 (E) (M2)


Mario Kart 64 (E) (1.1)
Ridge Racer 64 (E) (It seems that there are only one European release available for this game.)


SubCog 17th April 2019 09:21 PM

Wave Race will be tough I think, since the waves are only generated to fill the area that's in screen. I'd love to see someone try though!

catarax 26th May 2019 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by catarax (Post 73629)

An issue on 3P Versus on Mario Kart 64 for all races, the map is not properly displayed :

Edit: This issue only happens when playing EXTRA tracks, the reversed ones.

SteamyJ 19th December 2019 09:10 AM

Awesome stuff.

Lukas13 18th February 2020 10:23 AM

Hey what about a paper mario 64 16:9 gameshark code?

terminatort64 17th April 2020 04:27 AM

Turok 3 Widescreen
Code for Widescreen to Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion ??

SubCog 20th April 2020 06:23 PM

Turok 3 already has a widescreen option built into the game. What's the difference?

terminatort64 21st April 2020 03:06 PM

because that wide of this game "cut" some weapons and looks weird, just compare 4:3 weapons and the "Letter Box" option. I tried the "Override Aspect" but this dont work, the wide code for Turok 1 and Turok 2 work really well
only missing for Turok 3 :(

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