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HatCat 24th August 2014 10:35 PM

You know what DOES convince me to use DirectX instead of OpenGL?
The fact that forwards-compatibility isn't such an issue.

The sad thing is that OpenGL/ES is the only significantly portable graphics programming API. OpenGL was usable on Linux, Windows, handhelds...more places overall than SDL I imagine. So why take the world's most portable graphics API, and break backwards-compatibility to make it less portable by not just deprecating, but also removing shit in OpenGL 3.1? It really is fucking foolish.

They turned it from an all-purpose portable solution, to a full-speed-programming-only "portable" solution. Doesn't it make logical sense, that the most portable solution should also be capable of also serving all-purpose feature set? Maintainability/smallness of implementation (inferior, inefficient shit like glDrawPixels, glVertex, ...) instead of largeness and bulkiness of the code and for only-full-speed-code permitted philosophy?

Because of that, I don't care if OpenGL does fall back to Windows GDI for pure-software mode, because at least then, the GDI code will be more portable than OpenGL code is today. (Of course OpenGL is still cross-OS unlike GDI, but even more important than that I believe is cross-hardware portability/compatibility since the OS is always replaceable software.) As if Microsoft itself was against cross-platform portability...Khronos fucked up even worse.

retroben 25th August 2014 02:15 AM

This is gonna be funny to you,HatCat. :D

So,I updated my 64bit Chrome version and after it opened up again,any webpage I try to visit is completely blacked out.
I can still make's search bar react,but still can not see anything. :mad:

I'm using my original Chrome just to post this reply.
I also have an alternative backup version called CoolNova.

HatCat 25th August 2014 03:47 AM

Apparently Mr. Popo works for Google.

retroben 25th August 2014 08:15 AM

Popo:Prepare to be assimilated. BYE!!!

Popo:All these squares make a circle...all these squares make a circle...all these squares make a circle...all these squares make a circle...all these squares make a circle...

V1del 25th August 2014 09:02 AM


yeah I mostly agree with you but it's not the first time I've read that trying to comply with the limited featureset uf win opengl32 is giving you trouble (unless I misunderstood that part) it isn't worth bothering with imo (unless you absolutely want to be totally portable even for the poor souls that don't run anything except standard drivers, which you seem to want so more power to you) :) No one is saying anything about GL 3.1 which would literally be useless for a software renderer anyway

HatCat 25th August 2014 02:17 PM

Yeah, I'm working my exit from that phase though. I like the experience for future tips.

Each day I get to think progressively less and less about the impact on native GL 1.1 software driver for Windows, knowing I've tested it enough for simple compliance checks.

Still, from all that I learned to never use OpenGL display lists feature...not just because on some operating systems like Windows driver (even with h/w acceleration) it will be even slower than not using them, but also because modern OpenGL (3.0+) recommends buffer objects etc. which is what I am trying to implement now in the plugin. :)

I just hope that all this back-and-forth, try-modern and if it fails fallback-to-1.1 compatibility code isn't going to make a Mesa3D port of this plugin even harder. :( I got the impression Mesa3D was going to have a choice between software/hardware (if available) for like everything, which makes me feel like all this portability code/macro logic I'm doing for non-Mesa OpenGL could prove to be potentially redundant in the end lol.

killerloader 2nd January 2016 12:50 AM

With this 60FPS code activated, if you stand on the mumbo-pad outside the rock smasher in glitter gulch mine, the cutscene with mumbo lifting the rock goes forever.
And manoeuvring in the air or underwater is different, but that's already been mentioned I think.

retroben 2nd January 2016 06:26 AM

Whoa,you joined the forum around the same time I did. :D

Yeah,that Mumbo issue is a big annoyance just as much as the Jolly Roger UFO scene.
I recently made a code mod using a lagfix code to toggle conditions that uses Counter Factor 2 as an exploit.

Sixty Frames Hack 2.0
8003F4F2 000D
8007913F 0001
D0081084 0008
8003F4F2 0002
Press D-pad up during a problematic cutscene to finish it and regain control.

I recommend holding it during that entire scene plus the Lagoon UFO scenes and also the magnet scenes in Grunty Industries.
You need to use a Counter Factor of 2 in order for it to work properly.

(Granted,it would probably be easier to force it to go 30fps during those scenes to prevent the issues so the fps stays crisp with the full lagfix and Counter Factor 1 combined.)

Also,here is another issue that needed fixing. (not sure if it will mess up the button toggle for cutscenes on the above code.

New lagfix option to fix JiggyWiggy's challenge timer.

Repaired Challenge Lagfix
8003F4F2 000D
8003F4F2 0002
Keeps the timer from going too fast in JiggyWiggy's Challenge,hopefully not triggered in other areas.

retroben 12th October 2016 04:04 AM

Upon the request,here is the no frameskip code for the (E) region.

Banjo-Tooie (E)

No Frameskip
80083557 0001

Also,sorry for my absence yet again,I had to go get a hida scan and I needed to prepare the day before it.

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