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ikram232 14th September 2013 07:00 PM

Linux. Help!
I have Zorin OS on my computer. I used to have Windows XP installed but that was so slow after a while. So that's why I switched. But, I wanted to play N64 Games on my computer, but I can't. There is no version of Project64 for Linux. Or is there? I don't know! Can you guys help me out. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

HatCat 14th September 2013 07:32 PM

Why would you want to use Project64 on Linux?

Just use a Linux thing on Linux, right?

With some right plugins, Mupen64:

Or there's also Mupen64Plus.

MarathonMan 15th September 2013 01:48 AM

I was kind of hoping somebody would port PJ64 to Linux now that it's open source...

Just wasn't mean to be, I guess.

HatCat 15th September 2013 03:09 AM

I think it's obvious without unraveling inner intentions, just by looking at the code, that it was never intended for a Linux port.

However I admit, it would be an interesting thing to see.

It can't be too hard since the core source is heavily based on templates/in-lines for handling those more interrupt-based functions on Windows, so I have no doubt in the distant future somebody will attempt it.

But if I were you, I would be much more concerned about my own emulator. :p

MarathonMan 15th September 2013 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by BatCat (Post 50050)
But if I were you, I would be much more concerned about my own emulator. :p


That's my problem.

I always want to work on 5387535 things at once and I never have the time to properly finish anything. :D

uyjulian 16th September 2013 03:13 PM

look for wine in your package manager.
install it.
now run project64.

Enjoy :-)
(you may have to tweak the plugins a bit, since there are no native plugins for openal/coreaudio/alsa/oss/whatever, they might be some delay. also I had to change the plugin for input, as with the current input plugin, it doesn't work.)

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