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BowserMan650 10th May 2017 12:20 AM

ROM hacks bring a black screen.
I tried to play SM64: Star Road but when I ran it on Project 64 it paused for a second, and then resumed, and then just brought me to a black screen. If anybody knows anything about this, I would greatly appreciate it!

I am getting my hacks from, if anybody knows any alternatives.

If anyone asks, I am using version

Also, Project 64 lets me play hacks if they use the original Super Mario 64 maps. That means I can still play things like Super Mario 128 and Kaizo Mario 64.

theboy181 10th May 2017 12:48 AM

I have yet found any good hacks for Mario 64, but the things I have tried all needed manual settings in the RDB file, usually needing 8meg setting.

The video plugin is also important, as most hacks don't work on the real HW, and have issues when using LLE plugins.

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