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millakilla199 20th December 2008 07:56 AM

Problems Re: Body Harvest cheats
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First, let me just say that if these questions should not be posted here, please PM where they should be posted or if they should be posted at all, and then go ahead and wipe this topic. I'd rather post things in their respective places than clutter the forums.

Using the built-in cheats for Body Harvest on version 1.6 of PJ64, I'm having trouble implementing them into the game. Right now on my N64, I'm stuck on America, and have never really gotten past it. Add to the fact that there aren't any really good walkthroughs that get as far as America, and that equals a frustrated me. I figure I'll have a better chance of getting through America with Save States. I know Siberia involves zombies and a combine. That's about it.

SO! I'm trying to do several things that I can't seem to get to work in BH:

^Infinite Health - Infinite Greece? What? Either way, does not work.
Item Modifier - Hanger key does not materialize. Maybe trigger activated instead?

^Weapon Select - Several weapons don't like to work, and after selecting weapons, vehicle weapons do not like to work. As in, firing animation minus projectiles.

^Level Select - This is by far the most aggravating of all the cheats. When I select Java, I get black rain in the middle of Greece. When I select Siberia, I get black snow. When I select Comet, things get very, VERY wierd; water goes yellow, random patches of land hurt and kill me, and others.

America, though, looks to be my savior, if not for a fatal error that occurs, the error message I capped below. That is using Jabo's 1.5.2. While using Jabo's 1.6, I get a very simple message saying "hey, dude, you probably need to restart me due to graphics." I'm paraphrasing, of course, because it doesn't give details like the first message does. I have tried using PJ64 1.5 with Jabo's 1.5, and I get the same results as 1.6 w/ 1.6.

Now, I can hold the Enter key and keep selecting the emulator and the error box, and in doing so it cuts to where Dark Adam blows the bridge in the third stage of Greece, only without a bridge, a Dark Adam, and any water; all while continuously flashing the error message. It loops this animation, playing the music and blowing a non-existant bridge over and over again.

Sadnesses. If anyone could help me, or point me in a direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

End of Wall of Text.

lugia1985 9th June 2011 08:45 PM

As i have pointed out in another thread its to do with the RCP interpreter :rolleyes: the game code is too vast to be decoded accuratley :D there are many glitches most severe one is clipping (passing through objects or bridges) :eek: the game code is so vast and complex it has taken many years for a fix to no avail how ever there are several things u can do try shortcuts cheats to get u to places even swim to your destination using infinite health however some glitches in siberia and america do prevent u from completing the game :eek: im sure there analysing the code and finding bug or patches for it in the mean time try cheats and shortcuts or try diffrent RCP and video plugins see which works best until a fix is available there really isnt anything more u can do

HatCat 9th June 2011 09:33 PM

Basically, the video plugin is the RDP. Then changing that would be a good idea.
The only thing that remains of the RCP is the RSP, which is well-supported in Project64.

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