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KneeTattoos 17th July 2019 01:33 AM

black screen with gliden64 rev.
for a few weeks I've been looking to fix this issue. I am trying to troubleshoot the majora's mask texture pack n64hd. the big problem is there is an infinite black screen. there is usually a minute period where the textures are loading (but there is no text on the screen I am only assuming) then nothing happens but I get in game sound. I'm almost certain that i have everything installed correctly. I did a clean install of project 64 and of the texture pack. still nothing happens. sometimes I do get an error: CN64System::EmulationStarting: Exception caught file: .\N64System\N64Class.cpp Line: 485

Please help. I just want it to be pretty. :confused::confused::confused::confused:

ExtremeDude2 19th July 2019 09:37 PM

Which version are you using?

KneeTattoos 19th July 2019 11:02 PM

I'm using the current version of gliden64.
oof the most current public release. the 4.0 version. I also tired another version and it did not work also.

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