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peacefullandowner 2nd August 2019 05:31 AM

Super Mario 64 Cheat Issue
this is for the cheat falling under don't hurt mario in which it says to: "Press L to levitate & Let go to land" and i press "L" (on the keyboard) but it does nothing at all now i don't know if this hasn't been working at all or if i'm just not doing something right but i have everything updated (pretty positive i do) on project 64 and i have tried it both with a controller and keyboard but neither will work for the cheat.

both the controller and keyboard work fine, i have no problems with them and as far as the fall damage goes (no problems there) it works fine and does what it's supposed to which is to have no fall damage but i'm talking about the levitation part though which doesn't work, the addresses for this cheat are:

E8870584 5942
E98708D0 504F

if i'm not doing something right or the cheat just doesn't work or if i'm not pressing the correct buttons (tried all buttons for the controller and just the "L" button for the keyboard) then please tell me so i know and if there is any solution at all for this?:confused::confused:

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