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DArcher134 21st January 2011 02:28 AM

4 N64 Controllers With 2 Adapters
Planning on getting a four player Goldeneye emulation here. Before I go crazy on Amazon buying controllers and adapters, I want to make sure that this is even possible. Has anyone successfully played four players on Project 64 using 2 (they only come in 2 port adapters I guess) N64 to USB adapters?

HatCat 21st January 2011 04:32 AM

Offline, no one that I know of. It sure wouldn't surprise me though.
I'm sure it's possible. If it wasn't I would have witnessed loads of questions about something like that by now.

Course I don't know for sure. Your biggest issue might be which adapters you buy, hardware and driver compatibility, quality of purchased item etc..

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