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James The Engineer 4th May 2018 08:28 PM

Project 64 VS Vinesauce Corrupter
Hello, I have recently tried to use the Vinesauce Corrupter for FuN but when I decided I'm too stupid to do it (this was after I decided to link the Project 64 to run it) I deleted the Vinesauce Corrupter. But then when I wanted to run the Project 64, I could only see it on my toolbar and when I clicked on it didn't open. Even when it's confirmed it's open but minimized.

How can I fix it?

If I can't fix this, is there a way I can save my cheat codes? (like if there is a file where the cheat codes are stored)

And if there is, is there a way for me to insert the file or thing in another fresh new Project 64

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